Have a Festive Fourth of July

Cool off, eat well and stay safe this holiday

Festive Fourth

Happy Fourth of July from the team at Health Hub from Cleveland Clinic. We wish you, your friends and your family a safe, festive and cool holiday.

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Use the advice in the stories below to make the most of it.

1. Fireworks Safety (Video)

The Fourth of July is a fun, light-filled holiday, but fireworks can also cause injury. Use your sparklers wisely.

Get tips for fireworks safety.

2. Tips for a Healthy Cookout

Cookouts abound on Independence Day. Our dietitians describe easy substitutions you can make to eat healthy without sacrificing flavor.

Learn how to have a healthy cookout.

3. Stay Safe in Summer Heat

The heat wave continues through the holiday. Stay cool, and watch for the warning signs of a heat emergency.

Keep it cool this holiday.

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4. Don’t Let the Summer Bugs Bite (Video)

Bug bites are mostly just annoying. But when do mosquito bites or ticks need further attention? An expert explains what to watch for.

Read about how to keep bug bites at bay.

5. Three Tips for Choosing Sunglasses

Those ultraviolet rays from the sun can do more than damage your skin. They also can damage your eyesight. Get protection.

Get expert advice for choosing sunglasses.

6. Summer Travel Tips

Planning a vacation for the Fourth? Find ways to keep your immune system strong. An expert offers tips to avoid getting sick when traveling.

Read travel tips to stay safe and healthy.

7. Rethinking Snacks and Comfort Foods: 7 Tips

From ice cream to chips and dip, our dietitians team up to offer you healthy alternatives to time-honored snacks.

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Learn how to snack without the extra calories.

8. Be Safe in the Sun

Warm weather means time for activities like cookouts, swimming, biking and having fun at the beach or playground. Be liberal with the sunscreen.

Get tips to protect your skin this summer.

9. Avoid Heat-Related Illness

If you plan to have an active holiday weekend in the heat, stay safe and hydrate!

Learn how to stay cool this holiday.

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