Have a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving

Get recipes and tips for making the most of the holiday

Happy Thanksgiving from the Health Hub team. The recipes and blog posts below feature everything from tips for avoiding holiday stress to healthy versions of your favorite recipes.

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Holiday health tips and stress strategies

8 Tips for a Better Family Health History
When you gather around the table with your family this Thanksgiving, don’t just ask them to pass the mashed potatoes. Ask them about their health history.

7 Ways to Minimize Holiday Stress
Take care of yourself by using these seven strategies to minimize holiday stress. Our integrative medicine expert recommends everything from massage and Reiki to mindful eating.

Don’t Let the Holidays Hurt Your Health
Temptations from food and drink are all around us. Couple that with the stress these days often bring, and overeating can result. Here are strategies to avoid it.

Stressed This Holiday? Stop Pressuring Yourself
Learn how you can handle holiday stress by not putting too much pressure on yourself. You have a lot to do — but not all of it has to be perfect.

The Holidays and Healthy Alcohol Consumption
The benefits of moderate alcohol consumption vary based on a person’s age and medical history. Find out how much is too much.

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Holiday eating guide and recipes

12 Strategies for Healthy Holiday Eating
Parties and buffets pose the biggest challenge to healthy holiday eating. Dining in groups causes most of us to eat about 40 percent more calories. Learn how to fool yourself into not overeating.

Recipe: Apple Stuffing
Thanksgiving, or anytime you feel like it, serve this healthy, low-fat dessert dish with fewer than 200 calories per serving.

Recipe: Low-Fat Pumpkin Pie
The beloved Thanksgiving staple gets the low-fat treatment. You can feel good indulging in this pumpkin pie.

Recipe: Low-sugar Pumpkin Mousse Parfait
This easy, no-bake recipe is not only delicious but also low in sugar. Bon appétit!

Recipe: Holiday Zinfandel Chia Onion Relish
Our holiday relish has zero carbohydrates — and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids from chia seeds as a bonus.

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Recipe: Sweet Potato Hummus
A nonfat, tasty treat that’s a great holiday alternative to those high-calorie, fattening dips and spreads.

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Meal Makeover
Our Ultimate Thanksgiving Meal Makeover is your roadmap to a healthier Thanksgiving, with updated classic recipes that include “before and after” substitutions that no one will even notice.

2 Holiday Foods With Health Benefits
These sweet Thanksgiving treats come packed with antioxidants and more.

Overeat Less and Enjoy the Holidays More
Focus on maintaining — not losing — weight over the holidays, and greet the New Year with a grin. Get seven tips from our Wellness Institute dietitian.

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