Heart Health Twitter Quiz: Depression

20% of all patients with heart disease develop depression

True or False: Depression is normal in the heart patient.

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Answer:  False

In their book, Heart 411, Drs. Gillinov and Nissen say:

Depression and heart disease often travel together. Twenty to thirty percent of all patients with heart disease develop depression, and depressed individuals tend to develop more coronary heart disease than do those individuals who do not suffer from depression. These observations have led many physicians to conclude that depression is “normal” in the heart patient and that it will get better on its own with time. Both of these beliefs are wrong.

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Depression is not normal and it should be treated, particularly in the heart patient. Heart patients who become depressed tend to fare poorly. While we do not have conclusive evidence that treating their depression improves heart health, it does improve their quality of life. Do not ignore depression in the heart patient.

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