High Blood Pressure Redefined

Even a moderately high reading may signal needed treatment

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Everybody knows high blood pressure is bad. But that doesn’t mean they know when they have high blood pressure. David Frid, MD, a cardiologist at Cleveland Clinic, says that a reading above 140/90 constitutes a diagnosis of high blood pressure. But Dr. Frid believes that someone consistently over 120/80 should also be diagnosed with high blood pressure.

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“One of the problems that we see is people who have this intermediate blood pressure,” says Dr. Frid. “It’s not super high, but over a long period of time, it can do damage.”

When your blood pressure is high, you’re more at risk for stroke, heart disease and having kidney problems.

What can help? Dr. Frid suggests the following will have an immediate positive impact on your blood pressure:

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  • Healthy diet
  • Regular exercise

“Many people don’t know they have high blood pressure until they have a heart attack or stroke,” says Dr. Frid. “That’s why it’s vital you know your numbers and have your blood pressure checked at least once or twice a year.”

Stay tuned for Monday’s post on tips for lowering high blood pressure.

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