How Can I Help My Immune System Perform at Its Peak?

The Short Answer from a clinical immunologist

There are five things you can do. The first is to eliminate the negatives that drag your immune system down and pollute your body. These include smoking, excessive use of alcohol and drugs and excessive sun exposure without protection.

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You also can change your diet to an anti-inflammatory diet that is more plant-based, such as the Mediterranean diet. Eat wholesome and real foods that are colorful and fill your plate.

Exercise moderately by getting 150 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity a week. You can do this activity in five or 10 minute sessions. Avoid overtraining, which can make you vulnerable as well.

Modify stresses and work on achieving mental and spiritual health.

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Lastly, don’t forget about sleep hygiene. Poor sleep drags the immune system down as it affects our brain and the way we interact.

Clinical immunologist Leonard Calabrese, DO

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