How to Succeed With Exercise

Vary your activities, start slowly to avoid soreness and burnout, and set small goals that you can achieve.

There are a lot of reasons why so many of us drop out of an exercise routine. For starters, we jump into a program that’s too ambitious (read: unrealistic) to maintain. When we can’t stick with it, because it’s too demanding, we get discouraged and drop out completely. If you don’t work out at all, deciding that you’re going to exercise every day from now on is not a realistic goal.

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Instead, start with two days a week. Once you’ve gotten that down, tack another day of exercise on.

Setting goals that you can meet feels good and will empower you to keep going. Don’t take on a workout that leaves you sore for days. Boot-camp-style fitness may be all the rage, because it promises immediate results. But you’ll get those results only if you do it consistently. And for the majority of us, that type of workout isn’t one that we can do day in and day out. Instead, adopt a slow-and-steady philosophy with activities that you enjoy, and build your way up to tougher workouts when what you’re doing becomes easy.

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