How Yoga Can Help You Get Heart-Healthy (Video)


If you want to have a healthy heart,  you have to make sure your lifestyle includes a nutritious diet and regular cardiovascular exercise. But did you know that practicing yoga also can help your heart?

The calming nature of yoga can do wonders for your heart. Yoga can help to lower your heart rate and expand your lung capacity.

Studies have shown that yoga actually can help our heart rate variability, which is the recovery rate, and the resilience of our heart in the ups and downs of everyday life.

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Yoga poses that open the chest, for example, will help relieve tension in muscles around the chest and the heart, which help us to breath more easily, while poses that require focus can be calming and can positively affect blood pressure.

We’re focusing on one thing, to balance. That slows our mind and nervous system which can help to calm that nervous system, which generally can help lower our blood pressure, at least slightly.

While regular yoga practice reduces stress, strengthens and builds muscle tone, you still need a cardiovascular workout to be fit.

Find out more about yoga and your heart in the video below.