Could HPV Self-Tests Help More Women Worldwide?

Self-test kits could aid cervical cancer prevention
Could HPV Self-Tests Help More Women Worldwide? (Video)

To fight cervical cancer, you can start with human papillomavirus (HPV). In fact, certain strains of HPV are responsible for 99% of cervical cancer cases.

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Even though we’ve seen great strides in HPV prevention and treatment, the benefits are limited to a small population — women with access to HPV tests and vaccines.

To expand access to more women all over the world, scientists have developed self-administered HPV test kits, which include:

  • Test tube.
  • Swab.
  • Mail-in box.

Women can conduct their own test, mail a sample back to a lab and be alerted to dangerous strains of HPV.

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Some experts believe 2017 will be the year these tests are deployed on a large scale, representing the biggest cervical cancer prevention effort to date.

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