Detecting Infections in Minutes (Video)

One of 10 breakthroughs that will change medicine

Bacteria identification

In the near future, doctors will be able to find bacterial infections in minutes rather than days or weeks. This improvement comes courtesy of technology that won the Nobel Prize in 2002, called MALDI.

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Researchers are now using this “mass spectrometry” technology to find bacteria more quickly and cheaply than current lab tests. That’s good news in an era when bacterial infections account for a large number of hospital trips. Mass spectrometry should allow healthcare professionals to prescribe the most appropriate treatment as quickly as possible.

On top of that, it should help them avoid over-prescribing drugs (including certain antibiotics) that may make patients more vulnerable to future infections.

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Innovations in healthcare

What other innovations will come?

Every year, Cleveland Clinic asks that question of more than 110 of its physicians and researchers. Read about the next innovation relating to managing migraines.

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