How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online — From Toddlers to Teens


Contributor: David Shafran, MD

Kids today, even toddlers, are experts with technology. You see them on their parents’ smartphones, tablets and laptop computers — often using them more proficiently than adults do. You want them to know how to use these tools, but at the same time, you need to talk to them early on about online safety.

Online safety: kids under age 10

Here are tips to help keep younger children safe online:

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Here are tips to help keep kids age 11 to 14 safe online:

Online safety: kids age 15 and older

Children age 15 and older have more sophisticated online skills. They will need to use online resources for school research and they’ll want to be able to communicate with their peers.

Here are tips to help keep kids age 15 and older safe online:

As children grow up, they need different amounts of support in using online tools safely. Technology is evolving very quickly, but old fashioned values still apply, especially the need for open communication.

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