Does Lack of Sleep Make You Crave Junk Food?

A sleep disorders expert explains

Q: Does lack of sleep make you crave high-calorie, high-carb foods?

A: Yes! Studies suggest that sleep deprivation is associated with increased hunger (particularly the craving for sweets and snacks). This is because lack of sleep changes the levels of key hormones:

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  • The hunger-control hormone ghrelin increases, causing you to eat more.
  • The appetite-suppressing hormone leptin decreases.
  • The stress hormone cortisol may increase, stimulating your appetite.

New research shows that sleep deprivation increases levels of a brain chemical similar to the chemicals in marijuana, causing a craving for high-fat foods.

Many people don’t realize that being short of sleep can make a huge difference in your appetite.

Sleep disorders specialist Harneet Walia, MD

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