How to Transform Your Takeout or Frozen Dinner

For days when you’re too crazed to cook
By: Laura Jeffers, MEd, RD, LD The best way to enjoy healthy dinners all week is to plan and shop a week in advance. Then you’ve got all the ingredients you need to cook when crunched for time. But if you need to rely on convenience foods, here’s how to make some popular options healthier:7 ways to make your takeout or frozen dinner healthier. Other tips for enjoying nutritious meals on the run include:
  • Takeout: Ask for sauce, dressing and toppings on the side. (Make it a goal to leave extra. You don’t have to finish it all!)
  • Frozen meals: Always choose low-sodium varieties. Manufacturers work hard to make them taste good.
  • Portion control: We all deserve an occasional treat. But when splurging on a dish that’s high in calories, sodium and/or fat, avoid overeating.

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