Why You May Want to Rethink That Long, Hot Shower

How to keep skin protected and moisturized
Why You May Want to Rethink That Long, Hot Shower (Video)

Oh, nothing feels better than a long, hot shower on a cold morning. However, the hot water can strip away your skin’s natural oils — leaving your skin dry and itchy.

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There are some simple ways you can safeguard your skin, including:

  • Run the water warm. Avoiding hot water keeps skin from getting dry.
  • Keep your shower time short. Limit to 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Use gentle soap. Try a formula for sensitive skin or a moisturizing cleanser.
  • Don’t apply soap everywhere. Only certain areas of the body really need soap, such as arm pits, groin, feet, hands and face. Water should work for the rest.
  • Apply moisturizer. After cleansing, applying lotion to your skin right after you towel off helps keep your skin healthy. Experts recommend products that contains ceramide.

Watch this video to learn more showering tips.

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