Muffin Recipes: Pumpkin, Apple, Chocolate — All Under 200 Calories

Easy, delicious and healthy family-pleasers

Muffins are real pleasers, whether for breakfast, dessert or a snack. Here are three recipes we chose that are low in calories and high on taste.  Pumpkin spice, applesauce or chocolate: You choose and enjoy. Each of these muffins are under 200 calories.

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Pumpkin spice muffins

Special occasions and holidays sometimes call for a baked treat and pumpkin is always a hit! These pumpkin spice muffins are not only moist and delicious, but they are significantly lower in calories, saturated fat and sugar than their traditional counterparts.  There’s only 120 calories in each muffin.

Get the recipe: pumpkin spice muffins

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Applesauce muffins

Applesauce and healthy canola oil keep these yummy muffins moist. They’re the perfect size to complement a brunch, pack in your lunch or snack on! They have oat bran and oats to fill you up and each mini-muffin has only 60 calories.

Get the recipe: applesauce mini muffins

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Chocolate S’mores muffins

Keep summer alive! These kid-friendly (but healthy) muffins are made with whole-wheat flour and combine just a hint of the best of s’mores — dark chocolate, marshmallow and grahams. Plus, they’re easy to make ahead on Sunday night for the week’s snack, or even breakfast. These tasty treats are great for adults too, and each muffin only has 110 calories.

Get the recipe: s’mores muffins

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