Natural Delivery in Hospital Setting Offers Peace of Mind

Mom has water labor and natural delivery her way
Krista outside

Krista Afumbom knew she wanted her labor and childbirth experience to be as natural as possible.

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She chose to use a midwife for her delivery.

“They took a lot of time getting to know me as an individual and addressing my concerns. I think that really helped establish good trust between us,” Ms. Afumbom says.

She was clear about what she wanted, including going through part of the laboring process in a tub of water. “I wanted a lot of hands-off to just let me do my own thing and to have minimal monitoring and to be able to just let my body do what it was intended to do. And they made that happen.”

Since the woman is the one going through the labor, “she has to make the choice of how she’s going to go through it. It’s intensely personal,” she says.

]In the end, Ms. Afumbom had the natural birth she wanted. But when her baby was born with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, she also had the peace of mind that comes from delivering in a hospital.

“I’m really glad I was in the hospital with very capable hands…It made me really thankful that I was where I was and that I had a midwife who knew what she was doing.”

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