NBA Players Back in the Game After Open Heart Surgery (Video)

Teammates Green and Wilcox play this season following open-heart surgery

February is a good time to be thinking about your heart health. That is exactly what two Boston Celtics basketball players were doing around this time last year. It was then that Jeff Green and Chris Wilcox were suffering from the same life-threatening heart condition—a bulging aortic aneurysm. Both players had surgery to replace this chest artery that carries blood to the body by Cleveland Clinic cardiac surgeon Lars Svensson, MD, PhD.

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Today, they are fully recovered and playing the game they love. And both express a greater appreciation for life. Dr. Svensson says bulging aortic aneurysms are often caused by abnormal heart valves, high blood pressure and inherited disorders. For Green and Wilcox, the cause was something else. Watch the video to find out!

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