Advances and Advice: What You Need to Know About Brain Tumors

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What You Need to Know About Brain Tumors

Nearly 700,000 people in the United States are living with a primary brain tumor – those that begin in the brain and tend to stay in the brain. And more than 78,000 new cases of brain tumor will be diagnosed with a primary brain tumor this year, says the American Brain Tumor Association.

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In time for Brain Tumor Awareness Month, here is our collection of news and expert advice on brain tumors.

How Harnessing Your Immune System Can Combat Brain Tumors

Immunotherapy-based strategies may provide new treatment options for patients with glioblastoma, a rare but deadly type of tumor. Immunotherapy is a form of treatment that uses your immune system to fight diseases. This can be done by either stimulating your immune system to work more efficiently to attack cancer cells or by giving your immune system components to enable the killing of cancer cells.

What to Do If Your Child Is Diagnosed With a Brain Tumor

Learning that your child has a brain tumor may be the most difficult thing a parent ever deals with. There are two things you can do right away to ensure your child receives the best treatment and support. Find out what steps medical experts say you should take.

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Why a Brain Tumor Does Not Always Mean You Have Cancer

You might be surprised to hear that having a brain tumor doesn’t necessarily mean you have cancer. Some tumors are benign. But while benign tumors are not cancerous, they still need to be treated because they can cause problems, depending on their location.

Surprising Brain Surgery Method Leaves No Scars

The thought of having brain surgery can be frightening. Many people think of scars and a shaved head that such a procedure leaves behind. But for people with certain types of brain tumors, there’s now a unique surgical option that doesn’t leave a mark.

If You Are a Cancer Survivor, This Is a Must Read

Getting through cancer treatment successfully is something to celebrate. However, many cancer survivors don’t realize that 25 percent of people who survive some common cancers go on to develop a brain tumor. These brain tumors don’t originate in the brain but are actually cancerous cells from the original tumor that travel to the brain through the bloodstream. Find out what symptoms of brain tumors you need to watch out for.

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5 Amazing Brain Surgery Innovations

The brain, with its delicate twists and turns, can be a minefield for surgeons and their teams working to remove tumors. Medical technologies have evolved in creative, exciting ways to treat tumors while conserving the healthy, normal surrounding tissue. Here are five important innovations that have extended the lives of brain tumor patients.

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