An Alternative Approach to Weight Loss

Self-hypnosis and mindfulness can work

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Contributor: Jennifer Dudich, LISW-S, CHT, RYT

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If you have ever experienced yo-yo dieting, you know how frustrating it can be. Cleveland Clinic Center for Integrative Medicine specialists believe that you can release unwanted weight for good without “going on a diet.” In the center’s new TRIM-LIFE® Program, participants learn to:

  • Develop a new relationship with food
  • Reduce stress through relaxation techniques
  • Easily make healthier choices using hypnotic tools
  • Gain a better understanding of nutrition
  • Learn which supplements are appropriate for optimal health

The program teaches participants to identify the inner dialogue and behavior patterns at play in the subconscious mind. These can produce stress eating, emotional eating, cravings and lack of motivation.

How hypnosis conquers hunger

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy™ helps people to tap into the power of the subconscious mind. In TRIM-LIFE, this form of hypnosis is used to improve metabolism, shrink the stomach back to its natural size, extinguish cravings and balance hormones. Hypnotherapy allows participants to experience a natural state of relaxation. In this state, it is easy to identify cycles of binging and restricting that have been learned and reinforced since childhood.

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Participants learn to identify behaviors that cause stress eating, emotional eating, cravings and lack of motivation.

For example, TRIM-LIFE participants learn to identify how food has often been used — as a reward or in celebrations — with little attention to portion size. This mindset often leads to feeling bad or guilty for failing diet programs, and to restricting calories the following day or days. Using hypnotic tools can assist in identifying the deeper, unmet needs at the source of that cycle. These same tools help to change inner programming to support healthier choices.

Unlearning old habits over six weeks

The Center for Integrative Medicine offers TRIM-LIFE as a six-week series of three hour classes, followed by ongoing support groups. Each participant will have materials to practice and reinforce learning at home during and after the program ends.

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Practicing mindfulness and self-hypnosis is the key to finally releasing the extra weight for good. TRIM-LIFE will improve your relationship with food and will help you identify what it is that you are really hungry for in life.

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