New Drugs for Advanced Prostate Cancer (Video)

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Several new medications are changing the outlook for advanced prostate cancer. For example, the drug abiraterone was so successful during its final clinical trial that the committee monitoring it decided to give the drug to the placebo group so they could benefit, too. Abiraterone reduced PSA levels — a key sign of prostate health — in 90 percent of patients. Most patients also experienced tumor shrinkage and less pain.

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It’s not the only promising treatment for advanced prostate cancer, either. Enzalutamide, approved in 2012, prevents testosterone from stimulating the genes that cause cancer to grow. And Radium-223 dichloride, an injectable radiation therapy, targets the spread (metastasis) of cancer into bones, a major cause of pain, disability and death.

Many in the prostate cancer research community believe these drugs — and others on the way — will one day help make advanced prostate cancer manageable with a routine of daily medication, lifestyle modification and regular checkups.

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