New Mom Doesn’t Let MS Run Her Life (Video)

Pregnancy Gives Mom-to-Be a Break From MS Symptoms

While physical changes are a normal part of pregnancy, the changes Dion W. experienced were different from most.

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Dion W., now 35, enjoyed a break from her multiple sclerosis symptoms while she was pregnant. She was diagnosed with MS in 1999 at age 19, but was determined to finish college. She didn’t want to put her life on hold because of MS. “I have MS, but it doesn’t have me,” she says.

Dion W. delivered her first child, Kailynne, in June at Hillcrest Hospital.

In the video on this page, Dion W. talks about her experience with MS, her concerns about whether her new daughter will have MS and her dreams for the future.

Find out more about the highs and lows of Dion W.’s pregnancy journey through this series of videos and written posts focusing on different aspects of her experience.

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