Yoga for Traveling: Simple, Seated Stretches to Try

Snap, crackle, pop! If you’ve ever set out for faraway destinations, you know the feeling: As you step out of the car or off the plane to stretch your body, it sounds like popping bubble wrap. What’s a weary traveler to do? Yoga can help.

travel yoga seated stretch

Benefits of ‘Tummy Time’ and How To Do It Safely

Babies spend a lot of time on their backs looking up at the ceiling. Flipping them over onto their stomachs not only gives them a different perspective, but also plays an important role in their development. A pediatrician explains “tummy time.”

A baby doing tummy time on an orange blanket

Are Standing Desks Better for You?

Research shows standing and moving more throughout your day helps with muscle gain and weight loss. Get tips for sitting less at work to improve your long-term health.

man working at a standing desk