Menopause Diet: What To Eat To Help Manage Symptoms

Struggling with menopause symptoms? The solution may be on your plate. Turns out, foods like soy, dairy and leafy greens can have many benefits for relieving menopause symptoms and keeping your body healthy during this natural transition.

A glass of milk next to a wooden spoon of uncooked beans.

What Is Puberty for Girls?

Puberty brings a lot of physical and emotional changes. For girls and those assigned female at birth, changes almost always happen in the same order, in five stages. Our pediatrician discusses these five stages of puberty.

Do You Need Hormone Testing?

How can you tell when it’s hormones and when it’s something else? A women’s health specialist talks about hormonal imbalances commonly seen in women, including symptoms you shouldn’t ignore and when to see your doctor.

A healthcare provider examines someone's lymph nodes by placing their hands on a patient's neck.