Picture It: The Heart (Video)

A White Board Series

heart vascular health line art

When you or a loved one is confronting a heart problem, you want to understand everything about the diagnosis. It’s all so overwhelming. What treatments are available? How serious is the condition? What outcomes can one expect, and what kind of medical care will be necessary?

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It’s not always easy to understand what your doctor is communicating. Our Cleveland Clinic physicians have a lot of practice, with more than a decade of school and years of experience under their belts. That’s why we created these White Board Sessions to show you what is going on inside the heart. We’ll help you picture the diagnosis, literally, with simple drawings and helpful explanations.

Think of these sessions as a visual Heart Care 101. We’ll take the complex and make it common so you can rest assured that you are moving forward with the knowledge to make the best decisions for you and your loved ones.


Advertising Policy

Advertising Policy