Recipe Adventure: 6 Diabetes-Friendly Desserts 

Living with diabetes can be a challenge, to say the least, especially when it comes to satisfying the need for a sweet. But these six desserts, each with 7 grams of sugar or fewer, can give your sweet tooth the fix it’s been looking for.

Cup of chocolate mousse.

Are You Taking Too Many Calcium Supplements?

Calcium is crucial to building and maintaining healthy bones, but taking too much could endanger your heart, kidneys and brain. Learn how to take calcium supplements safely and symptoms of hypercalcemia to look out for.

woman eating yogurt with other sources of calcium floating in back
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Why Chewing Ice Is Bad for Your Teeth

Do you regularly chomp on ice when you’re sipping a cold drink or absentmindedly crunch on a few cubes when you’re stressed? Learn why this habit can lead to a variety of dental issues.

Cubes of ice.
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