Protect Babies from Household Germs

Simple advice to follow when handling your baby

baby touching laptop

Cell phones, remote controls and electronic gizmos abound. They are convenient and entertain us in our spare time. But one thing you may not realize is how many germs these devices can harbor and how easily you can pass them to your baby.

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MaryEllen Storey, a registered nurse at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital, says she’s constantly reminding parents to disinfect before handling their baby.

“They carry a lot of germs and people don’t think I should wipe off my cell phone, they just don’t think about that, but they are pretty dirty pieces of equipment. They’re kind of like computer keyboards,” Storey says.

She says it’s not something you have to do every day, but it’s good practice to regularly wipe down things like cell phones, remote controls, and even door knobs, or other household items.

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You’re not going to keep all bacteria at bay, and keep in mind, exposing your baby to some germs helps to build his or her immune system. Storey says the advice she most often gives to parents who are concerned about passing germs or a virus to a baby is wash your hands. Storey says it’s especially important to disinfect if you think you have a cold or some other illness.

“Washing your hands is so important. It’s so important to tell your family to do that and to wipe the things that you touch all of the time: your remote control and your cell phone,”  Storey says.

Simple measures, like cleaning household items and washing your hands, can go a long way to keeping your baby healthy.

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