Quick Steps You Should Take After a Bee Sting (Video)

Learn the beekeeper's trick to removing a stinger

Quick Steps You Can Take After a Bee Sting (Video)

You’re mowing the lawn and unexpectedly hit a bee nest. Then you feel a sudden, intense and sharp pain on your arm or leg — a bee sting! What should you do?

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First of all, don’t panic. Most bee stings will involve only pain and swelling. You can treat them at home and they will be gone in less than a week.

In rare cases, you can develop a life-threatening allergic reaction. An allergic reaction requires emergency medical attention.

In the video below, emergency department physician Seth Podolsky, MD outlines what you should do if you or someone you’re with is stung by a bee — and how to spot a skin infection that can arise later.

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