Have you had heart surgery? Do you have helpful tips to share?

If you’ve had heart surgery, share your idea for a smooth recovery

Recovering from heart surgery was a recent blog entry. A patient wrote in to provide her own advice on the topic—it’s especially geared for women. Here is what she writes…

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I had open heart surgery a year ago… to repair a valve… I came up with a few tips especially for women to know before surgery:

1. Get satin PJs. It’s easier to move around in bed without pushing with your arms (male or female)

2. My bra size went up quite a bit—the inches around my chest—so I need bigger bras. What seems to work best for many months are over-sized sports bras, ones I was able to pull on over my head.

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3. If your bed is a little high, get a stepping stool for getting into bed.

4. Do your daily walking!

— Ellen Maxon

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If you’ve had heart surgery and would like to share your idea for a smooth recovery, please leave a reply below and we will post your comments. 

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