Risk Factors for Erectile Dysfunction

Talking about it can be difficult, but your doctor is there to listen

Erectile dysfunction — it’s a topic that many men are curious about but few want to discuss. Studies have shown that doctors may not ask about it as often as they might, either.

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Cleveland Clinic expert J. Stephen Jones, MD, shared his thoughts on this common problem with Men’s Health. This Q&A sheds light on a sometimes-taboo topic. Among other things, being out of shape makes a real difference, as Dr. Jones notes in this excerpt from the story:

“While obesity is a handy, obvious warning sign, thin but inactive guys aren’t in the clear. “Frankly, just being out of cardiovascular shape will affect your ability to perform,” says Jones. There is a quick fix. Research conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health found that men who exercised vigorously for 20 to 30 minutes a day were almost half as likely to have erection problems compared to the sedentary men.”

Read the full story in Men’s Health.

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