Satisfying Lunch Salads to Power Your Afternoon

Grains and beans can help get you through the day
Salmon and Cannellini Bean Salad Recipe

Ever eat lunch and then find yourself battling drowsiness all afternoon? Your eating habits may be making make you fatigued. Eat a lettuce salad with just a few vegetables and your energy will be crashing by afternoon. Have your healthy salad and ditch the drowsiness with these recipes. The secret to their staying power is their whole grains or beans, both of which pack the protein. Protein helps you to feel full and is a slow-burning source of energy. Pro tip: Make these salads ahead on Sunday afternoon to enjoy great lunches all week long.

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Wheat berry salad

Ever try wheat berries? They are wheat in its whole-grain form — the complete grain without any processing that removes its fibrous shell. That makes wheat berries a high-fiber whole grain that can be used much like any other whole grain, such as brown rice. Wheat berries lend a nutty sweetness to this light summer side. Packed with fiber and low in sugar and sodium, it goes well with burgers, chicken or a vegetarian entrée. Get the recipe

Fresh Mediterranean bulgur salad

If you’ve ever eaten tabbouleh, then you’ve tasted bulgur wheat. Bulgar wheat is a whole-wheat grain that has been cracked and partially pre-cooked. As a whole grain, it is naturally high in fiber and low in fat and delivers a satisfying 5.6 grams of protein per cup. This salad offers the fresh taste of grape tomatoes, cucumbers and dill in an olive oil, lemon and vinegar dressing. Kalamata olives give it zing. Get the recipe

Salmon and warm cannellini bean salad

This Italian-inspired salad makes for a quick, yet substantial lunch for the entire family. Packed with fiber, potassium, and your daily allotment of omega-3-rich fats, this is a good dish any time you need to get a no-fuss meal on the table. Cannellini beans are very much like kidney beans, but the skin is tenderer, and the flavor a bit mellower. Get the recipe

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Veggie, bean and artichoke salad

This flavorful mix of beans, artichokes, red pepper, onion, tomato and herbs tastes is easy to make and a great choice for vegans. For variety, try using canned black beans. Either way, this healthy and filling salad goes far beyond lunch — you can prepare it to serve as an appetizer or side dish, too. Enjoy on its own or with some crusty bread or crackers. Get the recipe

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