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More than a decade ago, Don Wascovich did something that occasionally happens to the best of us: He stubbed his toe. However, because Mr. Wascovich is diabetic and as a result has a nerve disorder called peripheral neuropathy, that simple stubbed toe set off a chain of events that he could have never predicted. Ultimately, his leg was amputated a few months later.

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Fast-forward 13 years. Mr. Wascovich, a 66-year-old resident of Elyria, Ohio, developed a complication of another condition called peripheral arterial disease, that had the potential to result in the unthinkable—the amputation of his other leg.

This time, however, Mr. Wascovich had a much happier outcome because he had a secret weapon on his side: the doctors at Cleveland Clinic’s Lower Extremity Wound Clinic, at the Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute.

Read about Mr. Wascovich’s experience in this article from Cleveland’s hometown newspaper The Plain Dealer. You’ll learn more about how doctors at the Heart & Vascular Institute are working with colleagues in podiatry and other disciplines to deliver medical and surgical treatments that preserve patients’ limbs—and enhance their lives.

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