Should I Go to the Chiropractor During the COVID-19 Crisis?

The short answer from a chiropractor
Woman holding neck in pain at home

Q: I see a chiropractor regularly for adjustments. Can I still go during the coronavirus outbreak?

A: Chiropractors may or may not be seeing patients at this point. While we are generally considered to be essential healthcare workers, we are also being cautious and following guidance from state and federal regulators and from our professional organizations.

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Currently, in-person services should be limited to acute care, or treatment for immediate pain or symptoms. Because of the high-touch nature of our practice, chiropractors should be taking necessary precautions like screening patients for COVID-19 symptoms, wearing masks, hand-washing frequently and disinfecting the office.

Maintenance care for minor stiffness and aches should be delayed for now or handled through a virtual consultation with a chiropractor, if possible.

— Chiropractor Thomas Torzok, DC

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