Stent Treats Erectile Dysfunction

A new treatment for ED gets fast results

Erectile dysfunction (ED) may have many causes. Among them is a blockage of the blood vessels in the pelvis. Cleveland Clinic experts can unblock these conduits and render the affected organ operational – sometimes within 24 hours.

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Cleveland Clinic cardiologist Mehdi Shishehbor, MD, estimates that 70 percent of men with erectile dysfunction may have some form of atherosclerosis or narrowing of the pelvic blood vessels that serve the reproductive organs. Some of these patients can be helped by balloon angioplasty and stenting, a common treatment for atherosclerosis in other parts of the body. “This is one of those things that contributes significantly to quality of life,” says Dr. Shishehbor. In this article, he explains how balloon angioplasty and stenting works, and how it could help you.

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