3-D Mammograms Detect More Cancer (Video)

Breast cancer deaths have declined by almost 20 percent over the past decade. Better screening has made a huge difference. Today’s mammograms allow doctors to “see” an abnormal breast mass up to two years before they can feel it. It’s the gold standard for detecting breast cancer — but even a gold standard can get … Read More

Picturing Brain Cancer in Real Time

They might look a bit like a Jackson Pollock painting — but these images may have the power to save lives. Researchers are using novel imaging techniques that produce high-resolution 3-D pictures of blood vessels in the brain to observe cancer cells in action. Jeremy Rich, MD, MHS, and Justin Lathia, PhD, of Cleveland Clinic’s … Read More

3-D Printer Makes Medical Models (Video)

Forget documents, spreadsheets and photographs. The 3-D printer at Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute can print a model of a human heart. “You can think of it a lot like an inkjet printer at home, just with an added dimension,” says Ryan Klatte, a senior research engineer. But when Klatte explains exactly what the printer … Read More

3-D: Are Your Eyes Up For It?

Blockbuster season is in full swing, with more 3-D movie options than ever — from superhero fare like The Avengers to kid-friendly flicks such as Ice Age: Continental Drift. Donning funny glasses to view a 3-D movie in a theater and dodge the action spilling toward you isn’t easy for everyone, though. Both eyes must … Read More

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Surgery: Now in 3-D

There’s no guesswork when Cleveland Clinic orthopaedic surgeons replace a patient’s shoulder or hip joint. That’s because the surgery already has been done, virtually. Three-dimensional computer imaging of a patient’s bone structure allows a surgeon to perform an operation virtually and then take it into the real world in a precise way, says Joseph P. … Read More