New Guidelines to Treat Sinus Infections in Kids

The runny nose, cough, headache, fever and discomfort of acute sinusitis can be tough on your child —  and on you as parents. The first thing many parents think of? Get the kid some antibiotics. But sometimes antibiotics aren’t appropriate. Diagnosing bacterial sinusitis in children can be difficult. The symptoms may not be from bacterial … Read More

Allergy Drops and Young Kids: Dangerous Combo

With allergy season in full swing, many of us keep eye drops and nasal sprays close at hand — in the car, in our purses and by the nightstand — to treat our itchy eyes and stuffy noses. Medications can result in death if ingested But most of these allergy drops and sprays are not … Read More

How Can I Tell Seasonal Allergies From a Cold?

Seasonal allergies and colds share common symptoms but have different causes, according to Sandra Hong, MD, in the department of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine. They are often confused, but she says you can tell them apart by noting: 1. How symptoms develop Both allergies and colds cause sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, watery … Read More

3 Do-It-Yourself Home Cleaning Products

If you keep your home shiny and clean, you may assume your indoor air is fresh, too. But many commercial cleaning products add irritants to the air — particularly troubling if you or your children have allergies, asthma or other respiratory concerns, says pulmonology expert Sumita Khatri, MD. Using cleaning products that don’t have harsh … Read More

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‘Mooving’ to an Alternative to Cow’s Milk

As good as it may be for them, some kids just can’t drink cow’s milk. An allergy or lactose intolerance may have some parents looking for one of the many alternative milk choices that are now on the market. What are alternative milks? Alternative milks are all considered to be a “non-dairy beverage alternative” because … Read More

Baby on Solids Too Soon?

Tired parents, you might be tempted to put a little cereal in their your baby’s bottle, just to help everyone get some sleep. But experts say, think again. A new study from the American Academy of Pediatrics confirms that many parents are jumping the gun and feeding their babies solid food before the age of … Read More

Don’t Feed Your Baby Solid Food Before 6 Months

Like many pediatricians, I recommend that you introduce solid food to your baby no earlier than 6 months old. A study published in the April issue of the journal Pediatrics shows many moms are jumping the gun and feeding their babies solid food earlier without knowing the risks. Of the 1,300 moms that were questioned, 40 … Read More

Dreading Allergy Season? Try Acupuncture Early

It’s freezing outside, the ground is frozen and the trees are bare. It will be a few more weeks until we see any signs of life to hint that spring is coming. So why should you be worried already about allergy season?  Because acupuncture can be an effective tool for allergy relief, but you have … Read More

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Prevent Misery: Treat Spring Allergies Early

Though it may still be chilly out, now’s the time to start thinking spring — spring allergies, that is. With weather patterns changing so much in recent years, it’s been tougher to predict the start of the spring allergy season. To minimize allergy-related misery, ear, nose and throat specialist Mike Benninger, MD offers 3 tips: … Read More

Secrets to Thriving During the Cold Months

If you’re a skier, snowshoe aficionado or hockey player, odds are you embrace the coming season enthusiastically. For the rest of us, the stress of cold, snowy weather may have us wishing for spring long before the last autumn leaves have fallen. But the truth is, anyone can learn to find the best of the winter season. … Read More