This Minimally Invasive Procedure Can Save Your Limbs by Restoring Blood Flow

A proven treatment for coronary artery disease now restores health to blood-starved limbs in patients with peripheral artery disease. Endovascular reconstruction is a minimally invasive procedure.  The procedure is similar to the balloon angioplasty and stenting used in coronary arteries. It provides a limb-saving option for some patients who have been told that they face … Read More

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Second Opinion Leads to Saved Limb

Wounds that won’t heal are a serious threat for patients with diabetes and diseases of the arteries and veins. When not proactively managed, wounds may lead to limb amputations. Saving limbs involves a multidisciplinary approach to care. Vascular surgeon Lee Kirksey, MD, is a leader in the Limb Salvage Program of the Cleveland Clinic Heart … Read More

Diabetes Dangers, Old-fashioned Cures (Infographic)

Each year, 70,000 people lose a lower limb — a leg or foot — because of type 2 diabetes. Once known primarily as adult-onset diabetes, it contributes to more than 230,000 deaths each year and is now present in one in every 400 children. Though the numbers are ominous and continue to climb, remember that old-fashioned … Read More

Patient’s New High-Tech Run At Life (Video)

Life-changing accident When Tim O’Leary was 15 years old, he was in an accident with a train that required an amputation at his ankle. While Tim, who is now 33 years old, was grateful that his doctors in Pennsylvania preserved as much of his leg as possible, he had great discomfort at the bottom of … Read More

Diabetes Facts: Know the Risks

People with diabetes are at risk for long-term problems affecting the eyes, kidneys, heart, brain, feet and nerves. The best way to prevent or delay these problems is to control your blood sugar and take good care of yourself. Want to learn more about your risk? Take the diabetes risk assessment. Brain Diabetes increases the … Read More

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Preventing Limb Loss Due to Poor Circulation (Video)

Loss of circulation doesn’t always mean the loss of a limb. All of us in the Department of Vascular Surgery want you to be aware of the full range of limb-sparing resources available at the Cleveland Clinic including minimally invasive and traditional surgical techniques.   More Information Learn more about vascular disease Learn about peripheral … Read More