Time for Aortic Valve Surgery? (Video)

Is it time to have aortic valve surgery? That may be a discussion you or a loved one is having with a doctor now. Cleveland Clinic’s Eric Roselli, MD, helps us understand when a bicuspid valve needs surgery, what it means to have a “stenotic” or “regurgitant” valve, and what happens when the aorta is … Read More

Bicuspid Aortic Valve Repair (Video)

You can go years, or a lifetime, with a bicuspid aortic valve problem and not need an operation. But once that valve disease advances to a severe state, surgery is necessary. With leaky (insufficient) aortic valves, sometimes the valve can be repaired. When a bicuspid valve becomes narrowed (stenotic), those valves usually need to be … Read More

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What’s a Bicuspid Valve? (Video)

About 2 percent of the population is born with an abnormally shaped aortic valve, called a bicuspid valve. In this White Board Session, Cleveland Clinic’s Eric Roselli, MD, shows us what this means, how valves typically work, and why a bicuspid valve looks and acts differently than normal “tricuspid” valves. Previous Next See All in … Read More

What Do Heart Valves Do? (Video)

Learn how the heart valves work in this White Board Session with Cleveland Clinic cardiothoracic surgeon Eric Roselli, MD. This video explains what it means to have a “leaky” or “restricted” valve. This simple, visual presentation will help you understand regurgitation, insufficiency and stenosis in a heart valve. Next See All in the Series

The Heart: What’s Inside (Video)

How does the heart work? And what is a left ventricle, anyway? Cleveland Clinic cardiothoracic surgeon Eric Roselli, MD, breaks down the anatomy of this “very elegant pump” in today’s White Board Session. His step-by-step drawings will take you on a visual tour of the heart, where you’ll learn why the aortic valve is so critical, … Read More

Picture It: The Heart (Video)

When you or a loved one is confronting a heart problem, you want to understand everything about the diagnosis. It’s all so overwhelming. What treatments are available? How serious is the condition? What outcomes can one expect, and what kind of medical care will be necessary? It’s not always easy to understand what your doctor … Read More

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