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Kava powder loaded onto a dark wooden spoon resting on a wooden table.
February 7, 2023/Nutrition

When It Comes to Kava, ‘Natural’ Doesn’t Mean Safe

This herbal supplement comes with health risks, especially if you take antidepressants

Leg bruise.
September 13, 2022/Health Conditions

What To Do if Your Bruise Won’t Go Away

On average, bruises last one to three weeks, and bigger bruises last longer than smaller ones

Can’t Conquer Depression? How Magnets Can Help
November 4, 2021/Mental Health

How Magnets Can Help You Conquer Depression

Noninvasive TMS may work when antidepressants don’t

Man serious and alone on sofa contemplating magazine
April 8, 2019/Mental Health

There’s No Shame in Taking an Antidepressant

Medicines for depression are often misunderstood


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