Marfan Syndrome: Awareness Saves Lives

In the past, Marfan syndrome usually flew under the medical radar and was often diagnosed on the operating table after a life-threatening emergency. Increased awareness and greater understanding about Marfan syndrome has improved the odds for people who have this genetic defect that affects the connective tissue in the body. Still, more work needs to … Read More

Fixing Aortic Aneurysms (Video)

Fixing an aneurysm involves removing the diseased part of the blood vessel and replacing it with an artificial one. Depending on its location, this repair can be executed by making a small incision, using X-ray imaging and the latest technology to insert “stent graft.” Aneurysms involving the first portion of the aorta most often require open surgery. In this whiteboard session, … Read More

Aortic Dissection: The Basics (Video)

A tear in your aorta, called a dissection, can be potentially life-threatening and require emergency surgery. The good news is, we have made great strides in treating aortic dissection and patients who deal with this problem can live long, healthy lives.

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