You’ve Been Told You Need Heart Surgery (Video)

Maybe you were taken by surprise when your physician said you’d need heart surgery like more than a half million Americans do each year. Like most of my patients, you probably have lots of questions, beginning with “Where?” and “Who?” You owe it to yourself to invest time into planning for your procedure and to … Read More

‘Sleeper’ Cholesterol With Big Risks

It’s not a popular type of cholesterol like the “good” and “bad” kinds we test for.  But it may be linked to the third leading cause of heart disease in the country. Lp(a) is a protein that sits on the LDL particle, the one that carries so-called “bad” cholesterol. It appears that Lp(a) is causally … Read More

Battling the Enemies of Innovation

Every year, thousands of Americans with life-threatening aortic valve disease are told they are too old, too sick or too frail to undergo reparative surgery. Many hospitals are able to tell these patients what’s wrong with them; the vast majority will also tell them they’re simply out of luck. New technique Cleveland Clinic, however, didn’t … Read More