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Time for Aortic Valve Surgery? (Video)

Is it time to have aortic valve surgery? That may be a discussion you or a loved one is having with a doctor now. Cleveland Clinic’s Eric Roselli, MD, helps us understand when a bicuspid valve needs surgery, what it means to have a “stenotic” or “regurgitant” valve, and what happens when the aorta is … Read More

Bicuspid Aortic Valve Repair (Video)

You can go years, or a lifetime, with a bicuspid aortic valve problem and not need an operation. But once that valve disease advances to a severe state, surgery is necessary. With leaky (insufficient) aortic valves, sometimes the valve can be repaired. When a bicuspid valve becomes narrowed (stenotic), those valves usually need to be … Read More

A Runner With Heart

Last month, heart patient Brian Nash of Cincinnati was greeted with great fanfare at the Heart & Vascular Institute. It was a special Sunday. Brian was running in the annual Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon race less than two years after heart surgery to repair his aortic stenosis. (Aortic stenosis is abnormal narrowing of the aortic … Read More