How You Can Outsmart the Widow Maker Artery (Video)

Cardiologists get asked a lot of questions by their inquisitive patients, including “What is the widow maker artery?” The left descending artery or LAD has earned a dubious distinction. The low survival rate when patients experience a heart attack there spawned the term “widow maker.” To understand more about the LAD’s role in coronary circulation, … Read More

Improving Your Heart’s Blood Flow Without Surgery (Video)

If you have coronary artery disease or CAD, and medications or lifestyle changes haven’t done enough to improve blood flow to your heart, your cardiologist may recommend angioplasty or stenting. Both of these non-surgical and interventional procedures help to open blocked arteries.   “Train track” leads balloon or stent to blocked artery Both procedures use … Read More

Study Finds Smarter Predictions for Heart Attack Risk

When plaque calcifies inside the coronary arteries, it puts you at higher risk for heart attack or stroke. A new study finds that knowing just how dense these plaques are may help doctors better predict who is at greater risk for a cardiovascular event. Researchers at the University of California-San Diego studied computed tomography (CT) … Read More