Don’t Be Fooled by 8 Common Assumptions About Autism

An autism diagnosis triggers tough questions and difficult emotions for parents. As the number of children diagnosed with autism has risen, so has the amount of misinformation about autism spectrum disorders (ASD). An autism expert helps you separate fact from fiction.

How Genetics Affect Head Size and Brain Development in Autism

It started with an observation: Children with autism who also have a certain gene mutation tend to have especially large heads. That observation led to some of the first research linking the PTEN genetic mutation to developmental issues in a group of children with autism. Researchers Thomas Frazier, PhD, and Charis Eng, MD, PhD, published … Read More

How to Prepare Teens With Autism for Work or College

Contributor: Thomas Frazier, II, PhD  As children with autism grow into teenagers, parents face simple but daunting questions: Will they be able to get a job? Will they be able to get into college? The answers to these questions depend on where a child falls on the autism spectrum. But with the right training and … Read More

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