Why Asthma Can Hit You Harder as an Adult

Adult-onset asthma is more common — and more serious — than you may think. Find out why asthma hits adults harder thank kids. Learn which symptoms to watch for and how to control your asthma.

How Doctors Crack the Code for Your Chronic Cough

A cough lasting eight or more weeks is one of the most common reasons we visit the doctor. But there are many reasons for it, and they sometimes overlap. Learn how our experts unravel the reasons behind your chronic cough.

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Asthma: Women 40 to 60, Young Boys at Greatest Risk

Wheezing. Chest tightness. Difficulty breathing. Inhalers and oral steroids will quiet asthma symptoms, but a bad attack can land you in the ER or hospital. Here’s why women aged 40 to 60 and boys aged 1 to 10 are most likely to be hospitalized for asthma.

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Why America’s Not Breathing Easy

When it comes to keeping our lungs healthy, America has a knowledge gap, according to a Cleveland Clinic and Parade magazine survey. Discover what we know — and don’t know — about lung cancer, asthma, indoor air pollution and smoking.