Drugs Aim to Slow, Stop Alzheimer’s Before It Strikes

Medical researchers are trying a new strategy to combat Alzheimer’s disease. Instead of treating Alzheimer’s after it develops, scientists are exploring whether certain drugs can stop the deadly, debilitating disease before it starts, or slow its progress. Until now, the bulk of medical research focused on treating the disease once it took hold. But researchers now can identify … Read More

How Strong Is the Link Between Inflammation and Depression?

If you suffer from depression, inflammation in your brain may contribute to your condition. A handful of studies suggest that researchers are closing in on a causal relationship between “neuroinflammation” and depression. The idea of inflammatory causes of depression has existed for a long time — perhaps decades, says behavioral health researcher Amit Anand, MD. … Read More

No. 9 Innovation: Finding Heart Risk Through the Gut (Video)

Cleveland Clinic asked more than 100 of its top experts about the innovations set to reshape healthcare in the coming year. These are their answers — the Top 10 Innovations for 2014. There is a global hunt in progress using cardiovascular fingerprints — scientists call them biomarkers — to identify the risk of heart disease. … Read More

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What Is Personalized Healthcare?

Is it concierge medicine? No. Is it executive health medicine? No. Does it refer to the patient experience? No. There are many definitions out there for personalized healthcare. Personalized healthcare and personalized medicine are often used synonymously, but understanding the differences is important. Personalized medicine refers specifically to the use of genetics and genomics. An … Read More