Groundbreaking Study Sheds Light on Treating Blood Cancers

When we fight cancer, we want to target tumors aggressively and spare surrounding healthy tissue. But blood cancers present unique challenges. Fewer treatments can truly pinpoint the cancerous cells that flow in a person’s bloodstream. The answer may not be a new drug or therapy — but perhaps just a new way of using the … Read More

Tom Brokaw Puts Spotlight on Multiple Myeloma

News broadcaster Tom Brokaw  recently revealed that he has a disease called multiple myeloma. The news put a spotlight on the disease, which affects about 77,617 Americans, according to numbers from the National Cancer Institute. Brokaw, 74, learned in August that he had the disease. He has continued to work as a special correspondent for NBC News. … Read More

Life Cords for Transplant Patients

With bone marrow transplants we try to beat leukemia, lymphoma and other serious blood diseases by replacing unhealthy blood-forming cells in your bone marrow with healthy ones. Cord blood transplant is one of the newer options we have for these procedures.