Coffee and the Link to Premature Death

If you’re reading this story during the morning — or maybe even the afternoon — there’s a good chance you have a cup of coffee in your hand. Coffee is not only a pervasive beverage of choice but also a popular subject for health research. In fact, doctors have been interested in the health effects … Read More

Study Reveals Aliskiren’s Unexpected Benefits

Sometimes medical researchers make good discoveries about one area of medicine when they are studying another. This is what happened when research on how well aliskiren slowed or reversed coronary artery disease turned up unexpected results. They are published in the September issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association. Though aliskiren didn’t significantly … Read More

Why Is Soda Not So Sweet?

Soda may taste sweet, but when you know it raises your stroke risk by 16 percent, it begins to fall flat. You might ask: what’s really the harm in drinking soda in moderation—say, a can a day? According to Adam Bernstein, MD, DSc, of Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute, even that amount—even if it’s diet soda—can … Read More

Women: You Can Beat Heart Disease (Video)

Though heart disease is the leading cause of death for American women, says Holly L. Thacker, MD, the good news is that the risk is within our control. And the sooner in our lives we take steps, the better. Everything from eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, healthy oils and whole grains, to making … Read More

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4 FAQs About Diabetes

Here are 4 of the most common questions I hear from my diabetes patients: 1. Why should I care about blood sugar if I’m going to end up on dialysis anyway? You can prevent or delay the progression of kidney disease and dialysis by controlling your blood sugar and blood pressure. Studies show that even … Read More

Women in Their 70s: Seniors Can Stay Strong (Video)

Age 70 and beyond are very important senior years when women want to maintain their independence. The main causes of women entering nursing homes are memory loss, incontinence and a broken hip, so we want to carefully screen for blood pressure levels, bladder function and osteoporosis. Stroke is a concern for women over 70, so … Read More

Exciting Heart Care Innovations on the Horizon

One of the most exciting innovations is a technique to treat high blood pressure without medication. And testing for a new drug that will raise levels of good cholesterol is in advanced stages of development. The best is yet to come in heart innovations to further lower the risk of heart attack and stroke for … Read More

Healthy Choices for Aging

Once a self-described “poster boy for unhealthy living,” Northeast Ohio resident Lucius B. McKelvey now focuses on a healthy diet, good sleep habits, daily exercise and stress reduction. Today, it’s hard for his friends and family to believe he once smoked, drank and averaged five hours of sleep a night. “I was a triple Type-A … Read More

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Can Anxiety Age You?

Even the question, “Can anxiety age you?” strikes a chord of terror in one’s heart, mind, or more specifically one’s telomeres. Yes, it is true; the mental effects of anxiety translate to physical effects which include changes at the molecular and genetic level. Telomere shortening Telomeres are DNA-protein complexes that cap chromosomes and promote chromosome … Read More

Severe Insect Allergies

Summer is the season of pool parties, fireworks, s’mores, and less delightfully, stinging insects that can cause a life-threatening reaction in 4 percent of the population. If you’re one of the estimated 2 million people in the United States who suffer from severe insect allergies, just setting foot outdoors during the warmer months can be … Read More