Why Do Some Boxers Develop Dementia and Some Don’t?

The boxing community has known for decades that repeated blows to a fighter’s head can result in permanent brain damage, resulting in dementia or Parkinson’s disease-like movement changes. The boxing community even has a name for it: punch-drunk. But while many notable fighters have developed these problems – along with depression and other neurological symptoms … Read More

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Alzheimer’s Disease Toll Vastly Underreported

A new study finds that Alzheimer’s disease may contribute to almost as many deaths as heart disease or cancer.  Rush University Medical Center researchers studied more than 2,500 people who were age 65 and older. The researchers tested the people every year for dementia. Almost half of the people died after an average of eight years. … Read More

Lupus and Brain Fog: How to Find Your Way

Monday morning finds many of us feeling foggy, but 20 to 50 percent of people who struggle with lupus have a unique feeling of mental fogginess, including: Depression Memory problems Headaches Fatigue Confusion Other neurologic symptoms This set of symptoms, often called “brain fog” or “lupus fog,” is important to identify if you or a … Read More