Breast-Saving Therapies for Cancer Patients (Video)

Advancements in screenings allow for early detection of breast cancer. Add to this all the new treatment therapies available, and it improves the outlook for many breast cancer patients. As breast cancer patients fare better and live longer, it is more important than ever that their quality of life be high. How they feel about … Read More

How Your Genes Affect Breast Cancer Care

With 230,000-plus new cases of breast cancer per year in the United States, there is a good chance someone in your family has been affected by this disease. As we learn more about the genetics involved, we know more about the role of family history — and how to diagnose and treat patients based on … Read More

A Vaccine for Breast Cancer

Contributor: Vincent Tuohy, PhD Vaccines are the most powerful intervention in medical history. Consider polio, which was virtually eradicated from the United States within a 20-year period. Our country’s childhood vaccine program is effective at targeting 16 different pathogens, including measles and chickenpox. But the immunization schedule stops at age 13. The next planned vaccination, … Read More