7 Best and Worst Drinks to Keep Kids Hydrated

Kids are busy at work and play — and sometimes, they don’t want to stop to get a drink. Parents often need to make sure their children drink enough fluids. Here are the best and worst beverages for your child’s health.

3 Vital Ingredients for Keeping Your Bones Healthy

Although osteoporosis overwhelmingly affects women, it’s not just a female problem. Osteoporosis affects more than half of U.S. adults, about a quarter of whom are men, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF). About 10 million U.S. adults have osteoporosis, the NOF reports. Another nearly 43 million U.S. adults – half of them men – have low bone mass. Osteoporosis is a disease in … Read More

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Which Yogurt Is Right for You?

Love yogurt? Whether you’re trying to build muscle or lose weight, you’ve got more options than ever. Here, we compare Greek-style and regular dairy and non-dairy varieties. Discover where you’ll find most nutrients, which varieties are vegan-friendly and which contain probiotics: A final note: Whatever your choice, avoid the empty calories in “fruit-on-the-bottom” varieties. Buy plain yogurt and … Read More

Best for Your Heart: Calcium From Food

If you are a heart patient or at risk for heart disease, cardiology experts suggest eating a high-calcium diet rather than taking calcium supplements for bone health, unless your doctor advises otherwise. Bone density declines as you age. The risk of bone fractures is particularly high in post-menopausal women. Calcium supplements can help, but the … Read More

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3 Simple Tips for Reading a Calcium Label

If you know you should be taking calcium for healthy bones, but you’re not sure what type or how much to take, you’re not alone. All too often, people misread a supplement label and don’t get the amount — or type — they need, says Chad Deal, MD, who treats osteoporosis at Cleveland Clinic. Dr. … Read More