3 Simple Tips for Reading a Calcium Label

If you know you should be taking calcium for healthy bones, but you’re not sure what type or how much to take, you’re not alone. All too often, people misread a supplement label and don’t get the amount — or type — they need, says Chad Deal, MD, who treats osteoporosis at Cleveland Clinic. Dr. … Read More

4 Facts About Parathyroid Disease

You’ve probably read about calcium and vitamin D in the news, where headlines highlight the need for these crucial nutrients — and the fact that most of us don’t get enough of them. What doesn’t make headlines is the parathyroid, the four little glands in your neck that are tied closely to both calcium and … Read More

Can a Vitamin Meet Your Body’s Needs?

A lot of great things come in pill form — life-saving therapies for deadly diseases, symptom-easing remedies for the cold and flu, and, yes, vitamins and supplements. But when it comes to the essential nutrients our bodies need to thrive, it’s hard to beat what nature provides. With that in mind, here dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick, … Read More